Events and celebrations

Events, anniversaries, dates to remember   To promote the conscious discovery of our area and to encourage visitors who wish to learn about the customs, festivities, etc. of Caiazzo and its surroundings, we present here the essential information for a brief guide. Additional guides and useful information can be found at our facility to facilitateContinua a leggere

Live your Country Experience

Contact with nature, local products, crafts, socializing, sports... Combine the elements you like best and compose your own "Country Experience" Le Piracante is not just another Bed & Breakfast. Le Piracante is a "Rural Hub," a place where you can experience nature, enjoy authentic and genuine hospitality, make your base here to explore a richContinua a leggere

Our Partners & typical local products

Our Partners Our partners are people, professionals, companies and others in the area with whom we have collaborative relationships. We can share an idea, pursue a common goal, design and implement a path , exchange small gestures of courtesy and collaboration in their respective daily work. While we are engaged in our project, we takeContinua a leggere

Itineraries, destinations, suggestions

Where we are Where we are We are located on the beautiful Caiatine Hills, in the middle of the beautiful Valley of the Middle Volturno, 3 km from the village of Caiazzo. Le Piracante is a place to live at 360° , thanks to its resources and those offered by the area in which itContinua a leggere

Rural Art Lab

Welcome to my handmade world The Rural Art Lab is the creative spirit that brings to life the ideas that furnish and decorate our home, garden and any project that requires the intervention of creativity and craftsmanship. A "handmade" world that integrates perfectly with the rural context in which we are and with our touristContinua a leggere

The olive harvest

E lì negli assolati uliveti, dove soltanto cielo azzurro con cicale e terra dura esistono, lì il prodigio, la capsula perfetta dell’uliva che riempie il fogliame con le sue costellazioni: più tardi i recipienti, il miracolo, l’olio. (Pablo Neruda). And there in the sunny olive groves, Where only blue sky with cicadas and hard earthContinua a leggere