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To promote the conscious discovery of our area and to encourage visitors who wish to learn about the customs, festivities, etc. of Caiazzo and its surroundings, we present here the essential information for a brief guide. Additional guides and useful information can be found at our facility to facilitate our guests during their trip.


Saint Stephen Minicillo, Patron of Caiazzo

On November 1 of the year 979, in the Metropolitan Church of Capua, Archbishop Gerberto consecrated Stefano Minicillo Bishop of the Caiatine Church, who ruled the diocese for forty-four years, becoming, after his death on October 29, 1023, Patron of the city and diocese, with his elevation to the glory of the altars.


The massacre of Monte Carmignano

In 1943: amid fires and destruction suffered by the town abandoned by its inhabitants, among numerous other victims, twenty-two defenseless peasants, including very young children, were barbarously massacred on the orders of a young German officer Wolfgang Lehnigk Emden, for no humanly understandable reason. It was October 13 at Monte Carmignano.

On January 27, 1944, a little more than three months after the massacre at Monte Carmignano, the community paid another blood toll as a result of the bombing, by tragic mistake, by American planes.

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The infiorata

Every year in June, Corpus Christi Sunday is celebrated with an infiorata that enlivens the streets of the historic center. The event is usually run by some parishes, the municipality and other local authorities. Many residents devote themselves to preparing colorful hole carpets with a liturgical theme along the route that then follows the Procession. To find out the exact date each year, it is recommended to inquire during the month of April/May so that you can attend the event.


Nativity local popular exhibition

During the holiday season, it is possible to walk through the streets of the old town following specific routes and admire an exhibition of nativity scenes in the doors and foyers of houses. The exhibition usually takes place during the month of December, until January 6.


The “Maddalena” local Fair

In summer, usually on the last weekend of July, the Magdalen Fair is organized. An event that originated two centuries ago, when Caiazzo was a town with a strong peasant and rural tradition. The Fair was an opportunity to sell and buy animals and products of the land.

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Every year, usually towards the end of June, the local cultural association “Medioevocando” organizes a historical re-enactment with a procession, performances and guided tours in the alleys of the Old Town.

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The typical dishes of the Middle Volturno Area

The competition was born in 2006 when there was a greater awareness of the potential of this area, represented by natural beauty, different forms of cultural expressions and food and wine.

Cultural initiative intended for the world of typical food and wine included in the Middle Volturno area. The contest provides for the promotion of traditional and typical seasonal products of the Middle Volturno area, through which territorial excellences represented by tangible and intangible cultural resources and examples of local entrepreneurship will be put into system. The operators, participating in the competition, will have to propose to the juries a complete menu based on typical local products and/or traditional local dishes, taking care to highlight and enhance the territoriality of the ingredients used. The menu will be evaluated by a technical jury, made up of four experts in the field of typical local cuisine, catering, agriculture and territorial marketing, respectively, and by a popular jury composed of all those who book. Elements of evaluation by the two juries will be the welcome, territoriality of the menu and/or ingredients, courtesy, professionalism, usability of the space, presentation of the courses, taste, balance and value for money.

The purpose of the competition is to identify products and dishes that tell the story of this land, the legacy of a peasant culture handed down over time, which sought to make the most of what was available in the area.



Other festivals and events take place throughout the year, organized by public and private entities, but they do not have a fixed annual cadence, so for more information it is possible to contact the appropriate entities in the area.

Our guests can receive information on the events of the period at their offices, or more information can be found on the website of the City of Caiazzo and on various sites and portals that can be consulted by searching the web.