Contact with nature, genuine food, craftsmanship, socializing, sport …
combine the elements you like best and compose your “Country Experience”

Le Piracante is not a Bed & Breakfast like all the others. It stands out because it adapts to your needs, your desires and will always amaze you with many unique details. Le Piracante is a “Rural Hub”, a place where you can live an experience in contact with nature, enjoy authentic and genuine hospitality, take time to relax but also play sports, entertain yourself with artistic and creative activities and also work in smart working.

With the Country Experiences we take you even beyond Le Piracante, making you discover the beauty and resources that our land, our hills have to offer. Thanks to the virtuous network with other local operators and companies, we have developed various possibilities to live authentic experiences of knowledge, taste, culture, entertainment, sport. We have mixed all the ingredients to make you live a journey of knowledge, taste and pleasure that you never imagined you could find here.

In every season it is possible to choose have chosen the Partners to collaborate with very carefully. Only those who work according to our same criteria have been invited to take part in our Project. Respect for the environment, eco-sustainable management of the activity, cultivation of products based on natural or organic methods, respect for the principles of animal welfare (for companies that breed animals), own production of the products for sale, but also the ability to network , willingness to share and collaborate to pursue common goals.e different activities to follow, the places to discover, the food to savor. All this thanks to our resources and the network with our partners, together with whom we can offer you an experience to live with joy, which will make you leave with the desire to return.

Based on the type of stay you want to experience, we will be able to advise you, direct you and organize with you a full immersion in this splendid area to be discovered and loved. Contact us to find out about upcoming dates or to organize your personalized experience together.

For the love of the our land
with a collaborative and synergistic entrepreneurial spirit