Our Partners

Our partners are people, professionals, companies and others in the area with whom we have collaborative relationships.
We can share an idea, pursue a common goal, design and implement a path , exchange small gestures of courtesy and collaboration in their respective daily work.
While we are engaged in our project, we take great pleasure in enjoying the extraordinary resources we have here in the territory . Naturalistic,historical, cultural and enogastronomic resources. What we offer, together with our partners, aims to provide better hospitality, authentic and original experiences for our guests. The goal is to propose a reception of excellence in respect of the context in which we are and therefore improve and preserve the wonderful resources of the beautiful valley of the Middle Volturno and in general, throughout the area that includes Campania.

Our partners work in different areas. Agricultural production, catering, sports,processing of typical products, handicrafts, art, tourist reception.

We are a small reality and we are convinced that by creating a network in the area where we help and support each other, it is possible to achieve success both individually and as a group and consequently, also as a territory.

We believe in the practice of “good example,” in rewarding those who do well. Guided by the principles of reciprocity and responsibility, we move forward and are excited to travel stretches of road together with those who share our vision.

Our guests can count on always receiving information, contacts and proposals to discover and appreciate the area, our partners and their resources. Le Piracante is a place where you can experience a vacation by choosing from many types of entertainment, immersed in the beautiful countryside.

The splendid Valle del Medio Volturno is full of local products to discover. Some of them have ancient traditions. We mention the best known and best known of our territory.

    The vineyards of Pallagrello, the grape with which what was once the favorite wine of King Ferdinand VI of Bourbon is still produced today.

The curly tomato, which differs from other species because it is typically “ribbed” and has an authentic flavor.

The Caiazzana table olive, a Slow-food presidium used to produce the typical water-based olives, cooked or seasoned (there is no shortage of         traditional local recipes).

the “Lenzariello” bean, an exquisite and nourishing white bean.

The chickpeas of the Caiatine hills, typical of the area

The craft beer, produced in the area, is among the best in Italy

Artisan liqueurs, prepared with local ingredients and ancient family recipes.

If we move just a few kilometers from Caiazzo, we find the famous onions from Alife, a Slow Food presidium, excellent to be enjoyed in many recipes. Among the other products worth tasting we have other legumes, grown throughout the territory including the Matese massif, then the vineyards of Casavecchia and the typical beans of Matese. We have excellent cheeses and dairy products, in particular we point out the Matese sheep and goat caciotte, the “Roman tanned” that is produced in Castel di Sasso, a few kilometers from Le Piracante and the buffalo mozzarella also produced in the area. Potatoes, wheat and ancient cereals. Hemp and pumpkins.

Depending on the season it is possible to discover and enjoy many local delicacies. At our facility and at the headquarters of the individual producing companies, it is possible to participate in tastings.

Contact us to find out when the next tasting experience is planned or book your stay and an exclusive visit to one or more companies. You will be able to live an authentic experience of local life, immersed in the peace of nature and full of novelties.

Book your stay to discover all the resources of the area and taste our excellent local products.