In Autumn, between mid-October and mid-November in Caiazzo it is time to harvest olives!

The caiazzana olive is one of the native products of our territory and is a “slow-food” presidium.

Intense odors, contact with trees, the milling process …

An experience that allows you to live a day immersed in nature and be able to experience true country life. The harvest is done by hand, with the help of small rakes to reach the highest branches. Large green sheets are laid on the ground, made on purpose to allow the olives to be picked and then poured into the boxes.

Within 24 hours of harvesting, you go to the mill, for the milling through which you get the fantastic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, which has a very special aroma and flavor, far different than the counter products available in supermarkets .

The caiazzana olive, however, is famous above all to be enjoyed with water or cooked or seasoned. In fact, to obtain an excellent oil it is used to raise and collect more species of olives besides the caiazzana.

Here in the territory it is possible to buy both oil and olives. There are several companies that produce locally

If you want to try the collection experience, contact us to be called in time. The harvest will take place in a few days and it is not possible to set a date well in advance because it depends exclusively on when the olives have reached the right level of ripeness.