E lì negli assolati uliveti,
dove soltanto cielo azzurro con cicale e terra dura esistono,
lì il prodigio,
la capsula perfetta dell’uliva che riempie il fogliame con le sue costellazioni:
più tardi i recipienti,
il miracolo,
(Pablo Neruda).

And there in the sunny olive groves,
Where only blue sky with cicadas and hard earth exist,
there the prodigy,
the perfect capsule of the olive tree that fills the foliage with its constellations:
later vessels,
the miracle,
the oil.
(Pablo Neruda)


The Caiazzo olive harvest

In Autumn, between mid-October and mid-November, it is olive harvest time in Caiazzo!

The Caiazzo olive is one of the native products of our territory and is a “slow-food” presidium.

Intense smells, contact with the trees, the milling process…. An ‘experience that allows you to be able to live immersed in nature and experience real country life.

Harvesting is done by hand, with the help of small rakes to reach the highest branches or with the help of electric rakes that shake the tree branches to drop the olives. Large green cloths are laid on the ground, specially made to allow the olives to be collected and then poured into boxes.

Within 24 hours of harvesting we go to the mill for pressing through which we obtain the fantastic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil that has a truly special aroma and flavor, far different from the over-the-counter products available in supermarkets.

The Caiazzana olive is most famous as a table olive, to be enjoyed aqua, cooked or seasoned. To obtain an excellent EVO oil, it is used to raise and harvest multiple species of olives, in addition to the caiazzana.

Here in the area it is possible to buy both extra virgin oil and olives. There are several farms that produce locally.

The tonda del Matese and other varieties

In addition to the caiazzana, another local variety of olive is the so-called “tonda del Matese,” grown on the slopes of precisely the Matese Mountains to produce an oil with properties of great interest and great quality.

If you would like to experience the harvest, contact us to be called in time. The harvest will take place in a few days and it is not possible to set a date well in advance because it depends solely on when the olives have reached the right ripeness. Alternatively, our guests will be able to visit one or more Producer Farms, taste and buy their products at any time of the year.

Our guests can enjoy Caiazza olives offered as an aperitif or snack here as well; we love to share local goodness and promote our area.