Live your time

We are in an Era where we have the technology for work anywhere, whether our work tool is a pc or a tablet or other similar device. At the same time, it is also an era of returning to the land, nature and a more genuine lifestyle.

There is a growing desire to experiment with innovative ideas that reconcile the need for a fast and stable connection with the need to explore a natural territory, “on a human scale,” it was said not so long ago. New trends and impulses were thus born, both for innovative forms of entrepreneurship and for alternative forms of living, working and citizenship.

We embraced the concept of “Slow-Working,” which is the synthesis of a rural stay experience with the need to keep a remote work process active, but then we went beyond that. Our idea, our proposal for a stay starts by default with the possibility of smart working during a stay in our facility, in an available study corner or outside, wherever you want to be, listening to birdsong and country life. Over time, we have also created a space dedicated to sociability, sharing but also contemplation and relaxation, our fantastic “Stallotto,” which also lends itself perfectly as a coworking space in order to fill a typical lack of remote work, namely sharing, creativity and moments of conviviality that are often a critical issue in the practice of remote work.

The innovation of our idea concerns multiple aspects. Some are yet to be developed ,others are readily available. Among the latter, we offer the possibility for those accompanying the smart worker to be able to engage in other activities such as crafts, walking, reading . The smart worker, remote worker or “digital nomad” , can inervallate work time with moments of leisure, relaxation or activities outside the facility. By agreeing on a number of details in advance, we can offer a customized stay that meets the needs of our guests and allows us to maximize the benefits. In addition, we cultivate a local network with Farms and others for which it is possible to plan and implement a stay that includes visits to local Produce Farms, dinners at an agritourism, pizzeria, or other local establishment in the area, as well as mini tuours in the countryside in colaboration with small local Farms, tastings, or visits to purchase native products. Outdoor experiences such as canoe rides or hiking in the mountains, visits to Historic Villages.

This type of stay offering can be referred to as “holiday working” or “workation,” to use terms in vogue in the professional field. The development of this proposal, which in fact is already available in other facilities in Italy and Europe, can in turn be enriched by other initiatives, aimed at maximizing on the one hand the profassional results and on the other the psychological and physical well-being of the smart worker. We are working on these and other aspects, to define possible strategies and practical ways of intervention.

The first time I thought of this opportunity to promote here in our “Rural Hub” was before the Pandemic of ’19. In ’24 I integrate some of the contents of this section, having been able to better open meente to the phenomenon of “Digital Nomadism.” Actually the concept we refer to, can be identified as “work life Balance” if we refer for example to Digital Nomads or those who work remotely, from Anywhere. But thinking only of a single guest who travels and works remotely is only part of the whole, because this target audience often travels not alone, but as a couple or family, and Le Piracante can be an ideal place where each member of the couple or group can have an all-around experience. A home nestled in the countryside, with only two rooms, each equipped with the necessities even for working remotely. Large outdoor spaces, for moments of pure relaxation or maximum concentration. The possibility of living many experiences related to the territory, including historic villages, mountains, hiking and museums such as the Royal Palace of Caserta or the Amphitheater Campano both just minutes away. A food and wine reality of excellence, with lughi where you can savor the taste of the best local products and experience age-old culinary traditions.

Our “smart” nature in all of this takes on the character of innovation that respects the place where it dwells. We use the technologies that are needed to reduce our impact and attract temporary inhabitants to a context that deserves to be known, appreciated and loved.

arting from a basic concept such as Holiday Working, we thought we would also offer the opportunity to experience real “slow work” by providing our guests with some very “slow” “tools,” such as pen and pencil and some paper and even an old working typewriter. We know that often when one is on vacation, one does a number of unaccustomed things, there is a greater inclination to do something new . Especially if the intent is to find serenity and relax, this could be a way to have a new experience, which could be the beginning of a path to cultivate, or help make the stay memorable.

In terms of “RuralHub,” as we like to call our Le Piracante project, we are analyzing and evaluating different opportunities that perhaps will all find their way to coexist here.

How did this come about?

I was looking for a desk for one of the two rooms, to offer the possibility for our guests to stay connected and be able to work remotely even during their stay, in a quiet corner of the B&B, with a nice view of the countryside. Not finding the piece of furniture I was looking for, I decide to purchase an antique sewing machine bench, to which I would add a wooden board and thus have a comfortable vintage desk. The collector I turn to also has some old typewriters. A lover of vintage, I take a couple from the 1970s. Thus was born the idea of offering our guests the opportunity to experience a mode of creative work or leisure using a typewriter. This is how our concept of “slow working” was born at Le Piracante.

To find out about our services and offerings during your stay, explore our website in the experience sections or contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with any useful information.