Crochet in country chic style

Creative activities are present everywhere, part of everyday life and part of the richness of the details that furnish and decorate the rooms at Le Piracante. All of these activities are part of the "Rural Art Lab," which is not a phyic place, since every nook and cranny here is home to creativity, but isContinua a leggere

The Art of embroidery

One of the Rural Art Lab's craft activities involves hand embroidery. An activity that allows you to decorate and furnish a Mansion like ours with taste and personality. I devote myself to cross stitch embroidery, Broderie Suisse, with its checked fabrics perfect for creating country chic style work and then we also work on classicContinua a leggere

ClayArt Handmade bijoux

Our Art Lab hosts the “ClayArt” handmade jewels. It is an artistic activity started several years ago, with periods of great creative fervor and moments of stasis. For some years these particular artifacts have gone around Italy among fashion shows, art exhibitions and other exhibition events. The creative work was then stopped for a longContinua a leggere

Renovation and restyling

One of the characteristics of interior rooms (but not only) is the decor, composed of antique furniture, old and revisited complements, creative compositions and handmade objects. After experimenting with all kinds of varnish,paint and color on all kinds of surfaces, I discovered chalk paints, waxes and other products, to be used in various ways andContinua a leggere

Freehand drawing

Drawing is probably the first creative activity with which I have ventured. Together with the colors of various kinds and on every surface that I was allowed. I must have been ten years old, but maybe even less. When I discovered the existence of horses, I fell in love with it and it was aContinua a leggere