Drawing is probably the first creative activity with which I have ventured. Together with the colors of various kinds and on every surface that I was allowed. I must have been ten years old, but maybe even less. When I discovered the existence of horses, I fell in love with it and it was a passion that never left me. For several years I had a sort of obsession for which I drew dozens of horses with pencils and charcoal. Over the years I have also left space for other subjects. Today drawing is one of the creative activities that I find most relaxing. The logo of Le Piracante is a freehand drawing taken from the enlarged photograph of the Piracanta plant. I love drawing mandalas and “doodles” otherwise known as Doodles, Zentangle etc.

I draw on paper, ceramic, wood and everywhere it seems to me that there is space and inspiration.

In addition to the drawings created to decorate various types of objects, we offer a series of meetings dedicated to the art of drawing, but also of painting, with a free theme. A way to enjoy the outdoors and nature, to let yourself be inspired by it.

The location is our courtyard. The view of the Caiatic hills will inspire different themes and techniques. We provide a table or easel, a sketchbook and pencils. Those who already have experience and have their own tools can bring them and use them freely.

There are no age limits and it is an activity suitable for everyone, with or without experience.

The dates are being defined. For more information write to info@lepiracante.com