After experimenting with every type of paint, paint and color on every type of surface, the discovery of plaster paints, waxes and other elements capable of changing the appearance of an old piece of furniture, or giving new life to something that otherwise would have been put away, he offered me valuable support in furnishing the spaces of the B&B.

In previous years, I had similar effects with acrylic colors or glazes, but I was unaware of the usefulness of other products and was unable to achieve those effects of antiquing and aging that characterize many of my works today.

This creative field is undoubtedly one of my favorites, to which I dedicate myself with some constancy and for this reason it is included among the activities of the Art Workshop also here on the site.

In addition to the renovation of old and disused furniture or that need to be revisited in order to be integrated into the furniture, with these techniques it is possible to create and modify almost any type of object. Inside the B&B, old bronze chandeliers, ceiling roses, candle holders, tables, lamps, shelves and other elements have been recovered, which contribute to giving an original and personal character to the rooms.

Thanks to these techniques it was possible to choose, recover or create the furnishings in a very harmonious way, building aesthetic, chromatic and stylistic links that would otherwise have been difficult to obtain.

However, the goal is to create a very welcoming environment, able to communicate and produce positive emotions and sensations.