Creative activities are present everywhere, part of everyday life and part of the richness of the details that furnish and decorate the rooms at Le Piracante.

All of these activities are part of the “Rural Art Lab,” which is not a phyic place, since every nook and cranny here is home to creativity, but is really part of the life and playful spirit that expresses itself with very different materials and ideas as well. Our guests know well what I am talking about.

With that little tool that is crochet, you can make an endless range of handmade works. Of all kinds and sizes and for the most diverse purposes. Here at Le Piracante, many crochet crafts are made. My favorites are all those crafts that also have some utility in daily life, or serve to embellish other work such as embroidery work. A beautiful crochet lace under a curtain or tablecloth, or a beautiful blanket are crafts that always take some time (especially the blanket) but in the end the satisfaction pays off well.

My guests can share this passion with me if they wish, by starting a new work together, or they can receive what they need upon arrival, pre-arranged in advance, at the time of booking, so that I can procure and have the necessities found.

Every season offers ideas for making something with one’s own hands, the cold seasons in my opinion are perfect for work with yarns and fabrics, a wonderfully “slow” way to spend winter evenings, cuddled with a glass of good wine or a hot herbal tea…