With that small tool that is crochet, it is possible to create an infinite range of handmade works. Of all kinds and sizes and for the most diverse profits. Here at Le Piracante, many crochet works are made. My favorites are all those artifacts that also have a certain usefulness in everyday life, or srvono to embellish other works such as embroidery. A nice crochet lace under a curtain or tablecloth, or a nice blanket are jobs that always require some time (especially the blanket) but in the end the satisfaction pays off.

In our B&B obviously there is no lack of these works, used for example for some tents. Then there are the resealable bags, very useful to always carry with you, like purses.

I usually delight in crochet and embroidery in the evening, when all the activities of the day are over and you can relax. Since I get bored very easily, I don’t like being without doing anything and these jobs that must be done while sitting, help me to relax and at the same time keep me busy just enough.

My guests can share this passion with me if they wish, starting a new job together or they can receive what they need upon arrival, by prior arrangement, at the time of booking, so that I can provide and find what they need.

In addition, there are always some works ready and available to be purchased. They can be used to embellish purchases made at local shops or as a souvenir of the trip at our facility.

To find out more or to buy one of the ready-made products, you can visit the online shop on the website or on the social pages, or send a message via email or whatsapp. I will be happy to provide you with all the information you want.