Common spaces and facilities

Our guests are welcomed in a familiar, rural setting, with a subdivision of the farmhouse into a private home and on the ground floor, the B&B consisting of two rooms with bathrooms and a small room for breakfast and entertainment. The common areas inside are the breakfast room/living room, equipped to allow our guests toContinua a leggere

Tarocchi (Tarot’s) Room

The Tarot's Room A perfect space for who have a playful and  superstitious spirit.  The space is characterized by having a kitchenette equipped with a sink and mini-fridge, indipendent access from the courtyard in front of the farmhouse, and its playful and colorful spirit, with old tarot cards placed on the headboard of the bed.Continua a leggere

“tra cielo e terra” ( heaven and earth) Room

"Tra cielo e terra" Room A rustic, vintage-style space with period furnishings and country chic details. A space consisting of a master bedroom, a single bedroom and private bathroom with shower. Among the dttagli we love are paintings by a family author, depicting bucolic landscapes. The colors of sky for the matrimonial and earth forContinua a leggere