Much of the furnishings and complements in our home come from vintage markets or have undergone a restyling to better adapt to the context. In the wake of the experience of the last few years and with a thirty-year baggage of creative works with colors and brushes, we periodically host courses and workshops on the restoration techniques of antique furniture and on the restilyng of objects of various kinds. We deal with antique furniture or small furnishings. With the proposed techniques it is possible to give new life and a new aspect to the most disparate objects.

The meetings are held at our facility and can host artisans or external professionals, for learning specific techniques and ways of carrying out the works.

These are very fun and exciting experiences, as well as having a very practical and useful aspect as they create the conditions for giving new life to any type of object or piece of furniture.

We propose here a gallery of some of the works made with plaster paints.

Contact us to know the next scheduled meetings!

Antique brass chandelier revisited and patinated

Entrance to the B&B: Door in painted and decorated raw wood and mirror in painted and patinated wood

 1900 mirror in walnut. Work performed on commission. Painted and patinated

Other works performed for our B&B