Our Partners are people, professionals, companies and other realities in the area with which we have collaborative relationships.
We can share an idea, pursue a common goal, design and implement a path or an idea, exchange small gestures of courtesy and collaboration in the respective daily work.
While we are engaged in our project here, we experience the great pleasure of enjoying the extraordinary resources of this area. From naturalistic to historical, cultural and environmental ones. What we offer together with our Partners aims to offer a better welcome to guests, authentic and original experiences. The goal is to enhance and preserve the wonderful resources that we have here, in the splendid Middle Volturno Valley and in general, in the whole area from Matese to Caserta.

Our Partners work in different areas. Agricultural production, transformation of typical products, crafts, art, tourist reception.

We are a small reality in start-up. We are convinced that by creating a network in the territory in which we help and support each other, it is possible to achieve success both individually and as a group and also as a territory. The important thing is that there is sharing of the same “vision”.

We believe in the practice of “good example”, in rewarding those who do well rather than punishing only mistakes, remaining motionless on their positions. Guided by the principles of reciprocity and accountability, we move and are happy to travel stretches of road together with those who, like us, intend to enhance the territory because they are convinced that worming is worth it.

Over time we will share news related to the partners with whom we will conduct paths and pursue objectives, for a common good