In our welcoming living room we organize embroidery meetings, to weave timeless moments, like the beauty of a hand-embroidered work.

Embroidery is a contemplative activity, of concentration, which stimulates introspection, but also has social value, because if practiced with other people, it stimulates conversation and consequently confrontation, dialogue and personal enrichment. Furthermore, the satisfaction of making an embroidered artifact is remarkable and this satisfaction is then perpetuated in the various successive moments, when the artifact is used or given away.

Our meetings are both for those with experience and for wanting to try for the first time. We help each other, grab and relax with a good tea.

The embroidery techniques can be the most diverse. The frequency of the meetings is decided together.

In addition to embroidery, we also dedicate ourselves to other manual jobs such as the crochet handwork.

If you are interested in taking part in our meetings, contact us to learn more.