We periodically dedicate ourselves to the searching, collection and cataloging of wild herbs. This is one of the experiences in contact with nature that is possible to live here with us. Depending on the season, the Earth offers us life and nourishment, care and relief when necessary. The perfection of Nature includes the fact that it gives man all that he needs to survive, even if modern life leads us to assume very different rhythms and lifestyles with respect to the condition of origin.

Perhaps not everyone knows that most wild plants that grow in the countryside contain many beneficial elements for our body. They are often edible plants, some can be eaten raw and others are excellent for preparing decoctions and healing herbal teas.

We organize collective events of one or more days, under the guidance of experts. We go in search of the herbs, which vary according to the place and the season, then we return to the structure and after a pleasant breakfast, we proceed with the cataloging of the herbs collected. During the cold seasons, instead, we dedicate ourselves to a more intimate experience, dedicated to tasting herbal teas and other similar preparations. Moments of serenity and pleasant company, during which you also learn many useful information.

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