At our facility you can rent E-Bikes (pedal-assisted bicycles) with which to explore the area, even if you do not have a sports training. Guests of our Bed & Breakfast can also book the rental when booking the room.

Rental of e-bikes is reserved for guests who already have experience in riding the specific medium, including on hilly terrain. Rental includes signing a rental agreement and observing appropriate behavior to ensure the safety and optimal condition of the vehicle.

Considering the hilly context where we are and the beauty of the landscape, the naturalistic scenarios. the villages and sites of historical interest present, we thought of organizing ourselves to offer a service that allows our guests to get to know and explore the territory with the pleasure and calm that a context like this is able to offer, respecting the principles of eco-sustainability to which we are very attached.

Together with the bicycle our guest will also receive useful information and maps to reach the places of interest. Furthermore, in agreement with our partners, it is possible to organize personalized trips, during which our guests can, for example, go to a farmhouse to have lunch or to a winery for a tasting, and many other interesting experiences.

An original and ecological way to visit the “Valle del Medio Volturno” ( Middle Volturno Valley).